I Finally Found the Perfect Ice Cream Maker (It's Only $50 and So Cute!) (2024)


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published Jun 27, 2024





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I Finally Found the Perfect Ice Cream Maker (It's Only $50 and So Cute!) (1)

I love ice cream. In fact, some of my favorite childhood memories revolve around my mom picking me up after school and taking me for a walk to the local Rita’s (IYKYK) for my favorite treat: a vanilla custard cone with rainbow sprinkles. For me, ice cream is more than just a refreshing treat — it’s a delicious way to spend time with loved ones.

Because of this, I’ve long been interested in picking up an ice cream maker so that I could take a stab at making homemade ice cream. However, there’s always been something that’s stopped me from going through with the purchase, be it the price or the size (I live in a studio apartment, so I have to be precious with the items I bring into my space.) So, you can imagine the joy I felt when I came across the Beautiful 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker — something I’m calling the Goldilocks of ice cream makers.

Beautiful 1.5-Quart Ice Cream Maker$49.97Walmart

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What Is the Beautiful Ice Cream Maker?

One of the most fun additions to Drew Barrymore’s Beautiful Kitchenware line, this ice cream maker is hard to beat when it comes to size, style, and price. Making 1.5 quarts of ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt, or gelato in just 20 minutes, this compact find is equipped with a touchscreen display, three preset functions, and a digital countdown timer to make the process a breeze. And just like the rest of Beautiful’s line of products, it features a sleek look available in a host of fun colors.

Why I Love Beautiful’s Ice Cream Maker

Now, I went into testing this ice cream maker with high hopes — and reader, I wasn’t disappointed. I decided to put it to the test ahead of a family barbecue to surprise my little cousins with a special “school’s out” treat: rainbow cookie ice cream. (Because I grew up in the Tri-State area, rainbow cookies have been a staple at our family gatherings for years, so I knew it would be a hit.) As I unboxed this little machine, I was so pleasantly surprised at just how small it was! I knew I had made the right decision when I found a spot for it to slide in perfectly in one of my cabinets. Next, I read over the instructions and got to work.

To make ice cream, you first have to put the interior bowl in the freezer overnight and create your ice cream base (this involves a lot of eggs and boiling milk, so take note: You’ll have to cool this overnight, too.) The next morning, I was ready to rock. I placed the bowl in the machine, tapped the handy touchscreen to select the ice cream setting, and started pouring in my mixture. After about 12 minutes (and once the ice cream began to thicken) I added in my “extras,” which in this case was chopped-up rainbow cookies. Eight minutes later, I removed the top and voila! Ice cream! All that was left to do was store it and let it set for a couple of hours to get to the perfect consistency. Later that day when I pulled it out at the barbecue, everyone was amazed — and as you can tell by the photo below, it was a resounding success. Another family ice cream memory in the books.

The Beautiful Ice Cream Maker comes in at just $50 (for reference, most competing models come in closer to or over the $100 mark) and is available in five stunning colors. So if you’re ready to make some ice cream (and memories), add this compact pick to your collection. Here’s to a summer of delicious moments.

Buy: Beautiful 1.5 Qt Ice Cream Maker, $49.98

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I Finally Found the Perfect Ice Cream Maker (It's Only $50 and So Cute!) (2024)
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